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Apple Watch Series 5: Patent Showcases the Gadget Without the Digital Crown

The Apple Watch models are worn by millions of people. The latest version of the gadget, dubbed Series 5, is the most advanced version yet of a design that is the main item in the company’s Watch lineage.

A recently-unveiled patent of the Watch Series 5 showcases a way in which the design of the popular smartwatch could change in a complete manner. The patent was discovered by the trusty clear-sighted Patently Apple and depicted an Apple Watch with no trace of one of its signature design elements: the Digital Crown.

More details have surfaced about the Series 5 gadget, which suggests that users might not even need to touch the brand new sensor technology for it to function. The patent number 20200033815 ​is reportedly having something to do with ‘WATCH WITH OPTICAL SENSOR FOR USER INPUT​,’ as they call it.

“A watch can include a user input component that employs an optical sensor to receive input from a user. The input components provide an ability for a user to interact with the watch in a manner similar to how a user would interact with a crown that is rotatable and/or translatable,” the description reads.

So, that is quite evident. Rather than the Digital Crown, the patent implies an optical sensor as a replacement.

A direct substitute, apparently, according to the abstract: “The input component provides a user experience that simulates user interactions with a crown that is rotatable and/or translatable.”

Rather than the Digital Crown, the patent implies an optical sensor as a replacement. [Image: Apple]

However, after numerous tech fans have seen the patent, reports suggesting hesitation have appeared. Fans claim that the Digital Crown is part of the core of the Apple smartwatch, with a great recreation of the winder that’s present on traditional watches, as it is placed in the right spot and functions in a delightful manner.

However, the current version of the gadget is also very different from the way the first Apple Watch was, so our guess is that Apple is trying a new approach, as they always do with the new technology they design.

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