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Apple Watch Concept Teases Ceramic Fiber Variant

A few months ago, Apple unveiled two variants of the Watch 5 lineup and the iPhone 11 series. The Watch 5 versions arrived with a titanium design, while other was introduced with a premium ceramic body. Recent reports hint at a new approach for the Watch series’ ceramic concept.

Apple is set to launch a new lineup of premium, low-budget smartwatches soon, according to the report. If we’re lucky enough, we could witness a fall arrival alongside the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

New Apple Watch Series

As per the patent that Apple could file, it seems that the tech giant has new ideas for the upcoming smartwatches variants. The US company might launch the Watch series with a case partly made of plastic and ceramic fibers. The decision could have arisen after Apple’s efforts to expand the user base of its Watch variants by developing low-budget options.

The new Apple Watch patent application suggests the use of ceramic fiber braids. Such things will develop a case, which will be durable yet affordable. The patent was filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office, and it is indicating the patent code 20200096948. It is also titled “Ceramic Weaving of Case for Low-Cost, Structured, Penetrating Antennas.” As for Apple, some materials can offer the perfect level of performance with particular specs. Metal casings, for example, can be strong enough and durable but have various levels of electromagnetic shielding.

Plastic casings, on the other hand, have a little bit lower strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance, but can be electromagnetically transparent. As for ceramic bodies, they can be sturdy than plastic but developing, and creating them can cost a lot. A ceramic housing is a lightweight insulating device with a low thermal mass. It won’t retain heat, is a highly effective insulation material, and has low thermal conductivity. Details about the release date of the upcoming Watch series weren’t released yet.


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