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Apple Watch 6 New Leaks: More Health Functions

The Apple Watch 5 was released in September, but many fans are already looking forward to the next generation of devices, which should be released on September 2020.

A reliable source has discovered that the manufacturing contracts for the wearable devices have been won by Foxconn Technology Group and Compal Electronics. A third company, Luxshare ICT, will be responsible for the production of older Apple Watch devices. It is also mentioned that the current manufacturer of Apple Watches will no longer make them after 2020.

More health functions

Apple has strived to make its watches more attractive, and two of the best features are the heart monitoring and ECG applications. Some stories which have been shared by the media claim that some people were saved by Apple watchers, which signaled the possible presence of dangerous problems.

The focus on health monitoring capabilities will continue to increase as the device may cover other health conditions. Some voices argue that Apple is working on an innovative method that could allow the Apple Watch to determine the levels of blood glucose in a non-invasive manner. Sleep tracking could also make an appearance at some point.

New screen

It is thought that Apple may decide to use a microLED panel for the manufacturing of future Apple Watchers, a decision which could be great for the users. A microLED panel is slimmer and brighter in comparison to other technologies, and it could give the device an edge in comparison to other competitors.

Watch OS 6, the latest firmware update for Apple Watches, brought a large number of new features and which improve the user experience. Users can use the device to track a variety of external factors, among which we can count the ability to measure the level of ambient noise and show a warning if it is too high.

It is likely that the next Apple Watch will be a hit.


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