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Apple Smart Ring Patent Hints To Gesture Control Functions

Apple continues to develop new technology that will possibly make everything easier for us. Now, as per a newly leaked patent, the long-speculated next-generation Apple Ring might actually use a multitude of gesture controls for other Apple devices.

The product, which seems to be a miniature Apple Watch, could make it possible for users to point their finger at another device to send commands. A previous patent suggested that the smart ring would feature biometric sensors, Siri connectivity, as well as a very small touchscreen. Now, the first note of gesture controls has been made, which will help users navigate through the interface.

The new patent seems to imply that users could get gesture controls that connect the next-gen smart ring with any device the user gestures towards. It also mentions a few other things the gestures function can control, such as changing the volume, user interface, and adjust the temperature or brightness of lights. This could mean that the Apple Ring could also be compatible with smart home devices, not just Apple’s products.

Apple Smart Ring [Image: Apple]
The Apple Ring might actually employ not only gestures, but also the touchscreen, voice controls, or a physical dial to communicate with other digital products. The commands may be sent via NFC, or near-field communication, which Apple is already using for Apple Pay.

There are other extravagant possibilities the patent could offer, such as using the Apple Ring to send messages to a ‘second user’ who also uses a ring, similar to Apple Watch 5’s Walkie Talkie app, but with notifications via vibration.

This leak seems to support some people’s suspicions that an Apple Ring would be used as a mini-Apple Watch. However, this is only a patent, so the tech giant could change anything while it develops the technology. The end product may look very different from the patent if it will actually ever be launched.


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