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Apple Mail: Hidden Features Most People Don’t Know of

Apple Mail is the default email app the tech giant implemented into its devices. The application has some features that most people are not aware of. These hidden features makes the mail app function incredibly well and offers you more than the default functionalities people are used with.

Simply put, you can use them in order to handle the app like a pro. Here are our few tips that make the application more exciting, and which will help you discover more of what it has to offer.

Features That Help You Use Apple Mail Like a Pro

All Emails Can be Marked ‘Read’ at Once

Many iPhone users do not know, but the app offers the ability to mark all the unread emails at once, without you having to go through them separately. To do so, launch the Mail app, and head to the ‘All inbox’ category. Tap on the ‘Edit’ option, and then on ‘Select all.’ Press on the ‘Mark’ button on all the unread emails.

The VIP Function

The VIP function keeps you updated with important emails you receive by having you set custom alerts for specific senders, which have to be added to the VIP label. To enable the option, launch the app, click on the name of the sender and add it in the VIP section. The VIP inbox can be set so you can see these emails separately.

New Accounts Can be Added or Removed

This option cannot be directly used to remove or add email accounts in the app. You must head to ‘Settings,’ then to ‘Password and Accounts,’ and press on the ‘Add account’ or ‘Remove account’ option.

Preview More of the Email Body

The two lines that are shown by default can be modified so you’d see more of the email body that you received. To change this setting, head to the ‘Settings’ section, next to ‘Mail’ and to ‘Preview.’

Activate ‘Ask Before Deleting’ a Mail

In the Mail app, if you swipe left, the ‘Delete’ option is displayed, but it won’t ask you a second time whether you want or not to delete the email. To change this option, head to ‘Settings,’ next to ‘Mail,’ and enable the ‘Ask before deleting’ feature.

Change the Default Account

The application only accepts the default email account you first registered, but if you want to change the default one, it might affect the settings. However, if you want to add another email address in order to change the default account, head over to ‘Mail’ in the settings menu; there, select the ‘Change the default account’ section and choose the account you want to use.

Change the Email Signature

To change the signature you use at the end of the email, simply head to ‘Mail’ in the settings menu, and select ‘Signature.’ Add a new one.

Use Rich Formatting Options

The Apple Mail app provides you with the possibility to use numerous formatting styles. These include font customization, font size, colors, alignment, style, and so on. Moreover, you can also utilize the peek and pop function, change the flag color, and even use Siri shortcuts.


If you happen to know any other hidden features of the mail app, many Apple users aren’t aware of, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.


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