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Apple Listing Could Hint to Upcoming Headphones

​A new report claimed that some listings for a pair of Apple headphones have surfaced in the Target’s store systems. This may suggest that the tech giant is preparing to release a new pair of headphones.

As per AppleInsider’s sources​ at Target, proxy listings like these are rather common and are normally indicating towards a new product that will launch within the month, or sometimes even within a week.

Even though proxy names are not usually accurate, their sources said that the price usually is. The listing particularly calls the product the Apple Airpods (X Generation) and showcases a price of $399.99. Such a sum would make the over-ear headphones about $150 more expensive than the in-ear AirPods Pro. However, the price is similar to two favorite over-ear headphones, which are the Boise Noice Cancelling Headphones 700 and Sennheiser Momentum Wireless.

The First Headphones Under Apple’s Brand

It could be that these are the Apple over-ears products many rumors have been made about and that the listing doesn’t have a permanent placeholder that does not have the final official headphones name.

Another possibility, considering the close collaboration between Apple and Beats nowadays, is that these are a redesigned pair of Studio headphones. The launch of a pair of over-ear products basically wouldn’t be a first for the tech giant, since it has been selling such products under its Beats brand for some time now. Ever since the Powerbeats Pro, Apple has been actively involved in both the design and technology packed into the sub-brand’s items, instead of just offering tech and arranging them into a regular Beats design.

The wireless on-ear Beats Studio 3, for instance, are at the moment available for $355. Even so, the newly listed headphones would be the company’s first under the Apple brand. Whatever they are, according to the sources, the listing implies that a release is coming soon and that retail stores are getting ready to receive this new product.


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