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Apple Is the Leader on the Market with Its Apple Watch

The numbers are speaking quite comfortable in the third quarter of this year of Apple’s shipments. The company is selling and ships the Apple Watch model all over the world and is actually the leader on the market. We are going to discuss these numbers based on the statistics released by Strategy Analytics in the case of Apple.

The first thing to highlight is the position of Apple in the market, which is the first one, the dominant one. The competitor, Samsung, is doing its best to build the same base as Apple in the smartwatch segment but is failing. Not only that Apple remains in the same position, but it’s leading. What Samsung has managed to do for the second place was to surpass Fitbit. After the three leading positions, the other companies that are competing are Garmin, Huawei, Xioami, and others.

However, speaking in figures, we can see from the report that Apple has a record jump in the July-September 2019 quarter toward Samsung. We are talking about a 42% rise from 10 million units to 14.2 million smartwatches. At the same time, Samsung recorded 1.9 million shipping, which means 13% towards Apple with 51% or 6.8 million. Samsung could lead the sales with its Galaxy Watch Active 2 that accounted for a jump to 73% in the previous quarter. That means in figures from 1.1 million to 1.9 million.

Also, the sales reported in the whole world have increased from 45% to 47.9% for Apple. From 11% to 13.4% for Samsung, and a decline for Fitbit from 15% to 11.3%. But maybe Fitbit will revive after Google has it, and because of the hybrid technology bought from Fossil.

To sum up, 2020 could come with some exciting and unexpected changes regarding the smartwatch market. If Google is changing the strategy regarding Fitbit, we will see what will Apple has to face.

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