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Apple iPhone 12 Update – Facts & Rumors

The iPhone 12 will be released this year, and it will pack significant updates in comparison to the previous generations, including 5G support and an enhanced camera, alongside a bigger battery, 3D camera sensor, and other various improvements.

Many people believe that Apple is working on taking out the competition by releasing the ultimate smartphone.

However, there is a chance that the iPhone 12 launch will get delayed because of the whole Coronavirus situation.

Battery And Camera Upgrade

The iPhone 12 lineup might feature significant upgrades in the camera department in the form of the introduction of a 64MP rear lens. That is remarkable because the iPhone 11 Pro only has 12MP cameras.

Some sources say that the iPhone 12 will feature a 3D depth rear camera with time-of-flight technology. That will allow the camera to sense the distance between the smartphone and the subject it’s pointed at, which will be extremely useful in augmented reality applications. It is also believed that the iPhone 12 will have two 3D cameras.

In regards to battery, Apple plans to increase it by 10% (to a total of 4,400 mAh). However, it’s possible to see Apple switch to OLED displays for the iPhone 12, which means that the phone would require a bigger battery in the future. Also, the 5G connectivity translates to increased power usage.

Release Date

Coronavirus hit hard, and that’s a fact. Most companies were affected by the laws that have been installed to protect citizens from contracting the virus.

Unfortunately, the epidemic resulted in a halt of the manufacturing process for both the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2.

Though no official data was revealed, it is safe to assume that, if the epidemic isn’t contained in a matter of weeks, the release of the new iPhone lineup will be delayed.



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