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Apple AR Glasses – A 2020 Release Might Have Just Been Confirmed

Apple AR Glasses are under development, and many recent leaks hint that the tech giant is working on the futuristic device. Many rumors about Apple developing a pair of AR Glasses, including a leaked patent for the glasses.

The Patent

Apple has filed its latest patent on February 13, and the document revealed various features and details about the AR Glasses.

Some claims suggest a 2020 release date, and a confirmation from Apple is expected to be made public soon.

The patent shows a mixed reality head-mounted device (HMD) that makes use of waveguided technology on the display system via adjustable lenses. Apple is also working on making the headset able to connect to iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

The patent contains information about desired optical performance levels and mixed-reality capabilities.

A Window To The Real World

Apple’s AR Glasses will feature a transparent part when the device is in Augmented reality mode so that users can see the real world directly.

There will be some built-in cameras capable of enabling users to capture real-world imagery and scan pixel arrays directly into the eyes-display block.

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