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Apex Legends Revives Highly Requested Duos Mode

Apex Legends is finally getting its Duos Mode back. The revived mode will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC​ starting with this week, but for a limited time. The developer, Respawn Entertainment​, confirmed the arrival the previous month, but it did not give any more details.

The content of the beloved Apex Legends Season 3​ is, at the moment, topped by the Fight or Fright Collection event, which is set to be replaced by the return of the Apex Legends Duos Mode on November the 5th.

It’s Here for a Limited Time

Even though fans have requested the mode to be permanent in the game, it seems like they won’t be getting their hopes fulfilled. At least not this particular month. It is not clear how long the mode will be playable, or the exact time it will be released. However, if we were to bring forth the past events, it likely seems that it will be accessible by 7 pm in the U.K. This means players in the U.S. will get it by 11 am PT.

As per usual, it is worth checking the official Apex Legends​ social media accounts for a confirmation.

The update is scheduled to come with a new Themed Event, a similar content to the three kinds of events you can get in Apex Legends​ Season 3. The great thing is that these updates usually come with a few new modes, and with events that typically appear during a season and pack a limited-time mode. It also includes event challenges that allow players to earn cosmetics, and a combination of event limited and unlimited cosmetics ready to be directly purchased.

These events usually contain a town usurpation or small map adjustments, also probable extensions to the game’s story.

An instance of a Themed Event was the popular Legendary Hunt, so there is a probability the new Duos Mode is not being released in the same manner. The publisher should reveal more details during launch or before the event rolls out.


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