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Apex Legends Bunkers Will Open Soon, According to New Leak

Apex Legends’ in-game bunkers might be available soon, according to a recent leak. Because today’s most popular battle royale games are all about secret vaults and bunkers, it appears like Apex Legends is also trying this tactic.  

The fifth season of Apex Legends has registered success because of the dramatic changes the developers made to King’s Canyon, the introduction of Loba, and many other game adjustments. It appears like Respawn Entertainment is far from done with throwing in surprises as there are other things in works for the title.  

Bunker Doors Are Opening Soon  

Apex Legends’ fifth season has brought many changes to King’s Canyon. While the most tweaks were readily available and explorable, players often asked about the massive bunker doors that were designed within the cliffs on the maps.  

As per the most recent datamines, these bunkers will open soon, and they will be a hot location for loot hunters. Renown community dataminer Shrugtal found out that the four Terminal Stations in the game would be available in a week, starting with June 16th. Once the doors open, players will see lots of heavily armed combats on this side of Apex Legends.   

There are other predetermined areas of loot within each of the regions. Terminal F-85 Station will open on June 16th to 23rd and will have a Legendary Knockdown Shield. Terminal Station W073 is expected to open on June 23rd to 30th and will have a golden Prowler. Terminal Station O-240 is set to open on June 30th to July 7th and will have a Golden Sentinal, while the Terminal Station L-19, which opens on July 7th to July 14th, will get the Golden Havoc.  

Other Findings  

The labels on the terminals appear to be some random numbers, but some players have found that the letters can be arranged to spell WOLF. This may be a simple Easter Egg for Loba, who was added during the fifth season of the game, but we don’t know for sure yet. Loba’s main utility battle is to steal loot from enemy teams, and it seems rather suitable for the loot-filled bunkers to have an Easter Egg for her.  

In addition, Shrugtal said there would be a bunker linked to one of the quests in the fifth season, which is likely to be the stage for one of the missions. 

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