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Apex Legends: Bloodhound Receives An Update For Improvements

Devs from Respawn are trying to encourage players to play with Apex Legends’ Bloodhound as an advanced technological tracker. The last version of update 4.1 and the system Override Collection event are out now. The patch comprises a lot of improvements intended at making Bloodhound act more like a recon character. If you’re curious about what’s been newly introduced, you’ll be surprised to see how many changes have been released.

The purpose of the recon character in Apex Legends has always been seen a little bit crazy. For example, why was Pathfinder a helper character at first when his passive skill is a sort of surveillance?

Bloodhound received significant improvements in the latest Apex Legends update

Respawn is trying to establish better the role going further on. Pathfinder is currently a recon character, and the incredibly destructive Bloodhound is being enhanced to be less of a fighter and become a hunter more. So, in the latest Apex Legends 4.1 update, the reach of Bloodhound’s strategic skill, known as Eye of the Alfafather, will be improved three times.

Previously, the Eye of the Alfafather was efficient when players wanted to find out where their opponents were hiding in a particular building. Now, it’s range grew, and it can encircle a lot of structures. The scan offers up to a second longer time, becoming more faster to sport and catch the opponent squad with the skill.

Moreover, to balance such an improvement, devs announced that the Eye of the Alfafather would take now twice as long to turn on. Such a change will lower the efficiency of the Eye of the Alfafather in the middle of an attack. “The intent is that we want Bloodhound players to come upon a town and maybe see some markers and the use [Eye of the Alfafather] to scan the town,” explained Carlos Pineda, the lead game designer.


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