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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Requires A Save Data Fix

The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons showcased a lot of new details, leaving its fans in awe. It sure does look like a great game, but there might be an issue. Nintendo’s latest save data fix for the game is troubling players a lot. As we found out, the Animal Crossing series isn’t compatible with the Switch Online Cloud Saves.

Such a thing affects everyone’s game experience. Developers unveiled, however, a unique data recovery service in case you encounter some issues with your console. This thing is a strange workaround because the company had enough money for a cloud save feature to work since the beginning. As anticipated, players still need an active Switch Online membership to get the save feature. For some of us, such a thing is better than having none chances to save the game as we wanted.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Deals With an Issue That Affects the Save Data Function

As Nintendo’s fix isn’t enough, it is good that we have an alternative. It appears that we only get one restore for a single Nintendo Switch Online account – meaning our data can only be kept if our console is broken or lost. It’s quite intriguing and odd, because what it will happen with the Switch Online family plans that allow up to eight Nintendo accounts sharing one Switch Online membership. Unfortunately, we still don’t know more details as Nintendo stays silent on such an issue.

Currently, we can’t move our data from one Switch to another unless our old variant is no longer working. Well, we can sell the old console and announce Nintendo that we lost it. But for only moving a file from one console to another, we shouldn’t bother at all. We could only hope for a better solution from Nintendo, one that would be friendly enough for everyone.


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