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Angry Birds Friends 8.7.0 Update Comes With Improvements

Angry Birds Friends is one of those games that are perfect for playing during a pandemic. Online video games are all the rage now as it enables people all over the world to interact with others while staying at home.

Although some countries have lifted lockdown restrictions, other citizens in different places are still bound to the home. Thanks to the power of technology, we are able to do things online, although we’re physically apart.

About Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is a popular puzzle video game from the renowned Angry Birds franchise. The title is the fourth game in the series and is developed and published by Rovio Entertainment.

Initially, the game was a Facebook exclusive, but back in 2013, it has become available for iOS and Android as well. In October of the next year, the developer released a global league to enable players from all over the globe to a more immersive gameplay experience by playing against each other.

This week, Angry Birds Friends players get to join a special soccer-themed tournament that takes place in Goodison Park, home of Everton FC. You also get to try your chances in the Star Cup as you battle individual opponents.

Tournament Features

There are brand new competitive tournaments starting every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday in the game. Players get to enjoy 20 new levels every week and grab the top position that comes with amazing rewards. Moreover, the developers introduce special themed tournaments every other week to spice up the gameplay.

Star Cup Features

Star Cups are great because you have the possibility to challenge other players on one-on-one games. You also get free power-ups, level effects, and special slingshots on every level you arrive at. To level up your birds and gain more scoring power, you have to collect feathers, and also, to grab numerous rewards, make sure you win multiple matches in a row.

Angry Birds Friends 8.7.0 Update

The developer rolls out regular updates for Angry Birds Friends that come with new levels, features, and more additions. This release, Angry Birds Friends 8.7.0 update, doesn’t bring any of the mentioned stuff but comes with some minor improvements to the overall game.


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