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Android Warning: WhatsApp Hack Allows People To Read Your Messages And Steal Data [FIX]

A hack allows WhatsApp scam artists to gain access to people’s smartphones, and hackers even have the ability to steal files from mobile devices.

This can be unfortunately be done just by sending over a GIF inside the chat application. reveals all the necessary info that people need to learn in order to put an end to this worrying new scam.

It’s also worth noting that WhatsApp first added support for the loping animals back in 2017.

Taking control of your Android phones 

But it seems that by now, hackers managed to find a new way in which they can leverage the looping animations to take control of your phone and read all of your texts.

This new bug only impacts Android handsets and it could enable hackers to steal the files that are saved on your smartphone and they can also view a complete history of your chat on the compromised Android devices.

This terrible issue has been revealed by a Singapore-based security researcher named Awakened.

According to him, users have to create a specially laced GIF in order to send the malicious code.

It’s also worth noting that the thing that makes this hack more dangerous is that users have to do so little in order to get infected, according to the online publication that we mentioned above.

“Since you don’t have to click to open a GIF – it just plays automatically in preview – WhatsApp users won’t even need to tap on the image to kickstart the malicious code, it will be loaded with the preview,” according to

How to avoid getting hacked 

The online publication also noted that the users who are most likely to be affected by the scam “will be running Android 8.1 Oreo and Android 9.0 Pie, which still represents a solid portion of the total Android market share.”

The online publication tells users to update their Android version and the version of the app in order to dodge this danger. You can read more in the original article.


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