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Android Smartphone Won’t Turn On [Fix]

If you have trouble with Android not turning on, don’t worry because there might be some fixes. But, first, let’s find the reasons behind such a problem. Some software bugs might enable one of the reasons. Sometimes Android devices can be troubled because the software got a glitch. Your tablet or smartphone might get stuck after an update, as well. Another reason might be triggered by malfunctioning apps or a defective memory card. As annoying the issues could be, you can solve them quickly by following one of the next tips and tricks.

How to Fix Android Smartphone Won’t Turn On

Method 1: Charge Your Device

First, check if your charger or cable is damaged. Damaged cables cause a lot of trouble or could not work at all. If your device is poorly charged, then the battery will die. Switch off your device entirely and charge it. Wait for a couple of minutes, and later you can try to power it on. If your device can power on, then your issue is fixed. Also, try using a different charging method if the problem still troubles you.

A USB cable connected to your computer might turn out to be efficient. Use the same charger to verify if other devices are charging. You’ll find out exactly where the issue lies.

Method 2: Soft Reset

A soft reset always does the trick for most devices. Depending on what device you have, hold down the power button up to 10 seconds, or hold power and the volume up button together for 8 to 10 seconds to perform a soft reset.

Method 3: Switch or Reinsert the Battery

When your device doesn’t turn on, you can try (if it’s a removable battery!) pulling out its battery. Wait for a little bit and reinsert it. If such a trick didn’t solve the issue, try getting an extra battery.

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