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Android 11’s First Beta Was Released Early For Some Google Pixel Devices

Although Google has delayed its Android 11 beta launch in an announcement released during the weekend, some Pixel users have received the OS version early, unveiling more information about this year’s variant of the operating system. The rollout seems to be accidental. 

In a tweet, Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers revealed that two Pixel XL users have reported receiving the update, which unveils new details about Android 11 features, such as the power button menu, three new icon forms, and auto-generated application suggestions in the Home screen tab.  

New Impressive Features in the Android 11 Beta  

Initially, Google intended to announce the Android 11 beta version on June 3rd but decided to postpone the release due to ongoing protests taking place in the United States and across the world, although the company did not directly link the delay to these events.  

“Now is not the time to celebrate,” the company said in the statement.  

Google is yet to reveal a new date for the announcement, so it is rather not clear when this beta OS may be widely accessible.  


The beta build showcases a few features that are under works for the final version of Android 11. There is a new option for developers that allows them to move their app’s media controls from the notification section into the Quick Settings menu, making space for other notifications. The playback options are now showing to the left of the minimized menu, and according to 9to5Google, it expands on the top of the display when the menu is fully launched.  

The Pixel Launcher has also been improved in the beta, enabling the software to automatically fill the bottom row of the Pixel’s home screen with app suggestions. These suggestions were earlier located at the top of the app drawer, but now users will have them straight on the Home screen. App icons are getting a small enhancement, with three new icon shapes providing users with more customizable options.  


In addition to these features, the developer is also said to release another functionality: a new settings menu for the ‘chat bubbles’ that will allegedly allow you to keep conversations available via a floating bubble on your screen. Another menu seems to enable users to customize the payment options and smart Home shortcuts in the redesigned power button menu.  


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