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Android 11 Will Offer Native Support For Wireless Charging

Many of the flagship models that have been released recently offer a function called reverse wireless charging, which allows users to charge wireless accessories or other smartphones in a convenient manner. Users have the ability to enable the function manually on several devices, but it seems that the next Android update will take additional steps to make it more popular. According to a reliable source Android, 11 will offer a friendlier approach to reverse wireless charging with in the form of the Battery Share feature.

Battery Share is described as a handy way to charge watchers, audio accessories and more but it is also mentioned that your smartphone will last for a lower amount of time if users opt to use the feature. The theory is reinforced by the fact that Google will release a new Pixel Buds model that could come with support for wireless charging and a wireless charging case.

Android 11 To provide Native Support For Wireless Charging

It is also anticipated that the Pixel 5 will arrive soon and the device is shaping up to be the first mid-tier smartphone produced by the company that offers support for wireless charging, which should be accompanied by a glass rear. Tech-savvy users will remember that reverse wireless charging was pioneered by Huawei. The success of the feature encouraged Samsung to include it on the Galaxy S10 range, which proved to be an inspired choice. Apple has been exploring the opportunities provided by wireless charging, but it seems that the company plans to wait a bit more before it adopts reverse wireless charging as a feature that could be included in future iPhone models and other Apple products.

Will all devices with Android 11 offer reverse wireless charging? It is hard to tell at this point. Google may offer the software resources manufacturers device if they want to offer the feature on their devices or not. However, it is likely that many flagship models will come with it.


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