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Android 11 Will Have An AirDrop-Like Feature For Massive File Sharing Between Devices

Android 11 is currently working on a feature bearing a resemblance to AirDrop. iPhone users have shown an incredible excitement about AirDrop since its introduction with the first iPhone 7. However, Google did not show any progress in creating this possibility for its Android users. AirDrop is the application that allows iOS users to share between them extremely large files in seconds.

As a consequence, not only Google but also Samsung is currently working on offering the Android users this highly desired feature. Both Quick Share from Samsung and Fast Share from Google are expected to be released this year.

AirDrop on iOS and iPhone models

Steve Jobs, the proprietor of Apple, said during the first release of the iPhone that his gadgets were five years ahead of any other competition. For a long time, the iPhone was second to none, iOS succeeding Android.

Throughout the years, the differences between those two operating systems have diminished tremendously. However, there is still an exciting iOS feature that the competitor was late to implement. The example we’re talking about is AirDrop, which came out with the release of the iPhone 7.

It is the application that enables iOS users to share between them remarkably large files in a very short time span. On a larger scale, AirDrop has influenced the competitors.

Android 11 to feature an AirDrop-like feature for file sharing

At the moment, Samsung is working on an upgrade for Android 11 called “Quick Share,” which mainly has the same purpose as AirDrop. In the meantime, Google is trying to implement “Fast Share” to allow users to share large files between devices.

Consequently, there is no knowledge about the release date for Android 11, since everything is subject to change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Since the Android 10 appeared in September 2019, saying that Android 11 will be released in September 2020 can be a safe guess.

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