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Android 11 Release Date, Features, And More

Android 11 is going to be the next OS update coming from Google, and there are many details out there. Google put the developer preview of Android 11 on its official website, and then they later took it down. But some people were fast enough to save the details about the new features. They had no option left than to release the Android 11 developer preview officially. Here’s all we know.

What are the new features in Android 11?

In terms of connectivity: Google has managed to make the API for 5G connectivity much better. The API can provide a higher quality resolution if more data is consumed in the network is strong enough to come with unmetered data.

In terms of security measures: Google Play has updated the privacy policy. They will offer a safer location. Android 11 will make sure that apps will ask for location only if they genuinely need it.

In terms of permission updates: this version of Android will come with one-time permission for using apps like camera, location, and microphone. It will also enable unique permission for temporary access.

In terms of the new features: the new update will come with screen recording and a dark theme, which will change based on day and night time.

When is the release date for the Android 11 upcoming operating system for mobiles?

We are still waiting for an official statement coming from Google. We also expect a list of supported devices. Some rumors are saying that the OS will be released on May 12, 2020, with its full versions starting to make its appearance from October 2020. The first phones to get this update will be the Google Pixel Series, OnePlus, and Samsung flagships.

In conclusion, Android 11 would come out with several improvements over the current Android 10 OS. We will have more details as we move closer to the launch date of the operating system.

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