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Android 11 R Rumors Fueled by the Latest Google Pixel 4 Geekbench Test

Android 10 had been released by Google back in September 2019. Even if only a few months passed, we could witness a considerable upgrade occurring. Some recent events have fueled rumors about a new Android version. A Geekbench Pixel 4 test took people by storm with the unveiling of an unexpected thing. The device is reportedly running on the Android 11 R operating system. The benchmarks indicate 2181 in the multi-core performance and 712 for the single-core one.

Recently, Google has dropped its old titling method, where Android variants were dubbed after different kinds of sweets, such as Lollipop, Jelly Bean, or Marshmellow. The last and actual version has been named Android 10. However, we might witness another change of plans, with Android R coming as the newest version.

Google Pixel 4 Geekbench Test Revealed Android 11 R

Google is known for its strategy of launching up to 5 beta variants of its latest OS before officially make it available. The spotted Google Pixel 4 in the benchmark report is running the developer version of Android 11 R (or simply Android R). Currently, this is the only information that supports the idea of an upcoming Android OS.

But, as other leaks indicated, we also know that Google will no longer have the 4GB limit on video recording once with the next variant. Such an update will also introduce an advanced airplane mode, which won’t affect the Bluetooth feature in any way when activated. Google is expected to confirm the Android R version soon. The beta variants will be first available, succeeded by the official OS launch later in 2020. Pixel smartphones would be the first to arrive with the newest Android upgrade. Google could also use various events for officially announcing the next addition in the system, but we could also expect to see more rumors.


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