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Android 11 Leaked on Google’s Developer Preview Page

Android 11 might take a while until it reaches your handset, but Google seems to be a lot faster in developing the upcoming version. As a recent leak resurfaces, we find out the company’s new plans. Android 11 was spotted on Google’s Developer Preview Page online, fueling speculations that a developer creation might be imminent. But, as things can’t always be so accessible, we still have to wait a lot for some details to be clarified.

As spotted recently by Android Police, Google’s Android Developer page was modified to bring references to the yet-to-be-launched Android 11.

Unfortunately, the site updates can’t be seen anymore. Any references to Android 11 have now disappeared but offered us no clue of what we can anticipate seeing in the upcoming variant of Android. None of the details mentioned on the site were up to date. They were only the things that were brought to Android 10.

Google Accidentally Leaked Android 11

Also, none of the linked sites were associated with Android 11, only Android 10. So while at first, we cheered and got excited about a new version of Android, it seems that Google has nothing to offer at the moment.

Moreover, it is quite strange why Google did such a thing. Releasing information about their possible work, teasing us, and then tear everything apart by removing the content. It could be a move to show what changes the following months will bring or only concepts.

The way Google updated some text of the Developer Page without having supporting documentation available is a little bit unprofessional, too. We wait for some details and possible reasons for such an event, and maybe we can understand more. Android 11 might come after all, as Google’s upcoming daring project, with a 2020-launch possibility.


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