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Android 10 Update Goes Live for the Samsung Galaxy A50s

Samsung has revealed its flagship smartphones of 2020 not long ago, namely the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy S20 series has perhaps the largest amount of upgrades Samsung Galaxy S lineup devices have faced in the last few years, in comparison to their predecessors. Samsung has demonstrated it listens to its consumers with the upgrades and tweaks made on this year’s smartphones. The cameras are amazing, and the 120Hz display, as well as the battery specs, are impressive.

The latest Galaxy A50s One UI 2.0 update comes with Android 10, with one of the first countries to get it being Vietnam, immediately after it got certified by the WFA. However, there were no other hints of OTA updates afterward, but the fact that the Galaxy A50 got the new Android, it means the notification would also come sooner or later to users owning this smartphone model.

More Countries Wait for the Update

The A507FNXXU3BTB2 update with the Android is set to also bring the February security patch, as well as other One UI 2.0-related tweaks. Rather than trying to manually install the update through various methods, it is best to wait for it to arrive in your device by default as it is safer. The release comes via OTA channels, so users will receive a notification when the update is available.

As a matter of fact, Samsung’s Android 10 schedule reads that the Galaxy A50s is set to get the update in April 2020, so if you haven’t received it yet, there’s no particular issue with it, but rather the scheduled way it comes.

After Vietnam has received the release, some other Southeast Asian countries reportedly got the Android ten update, including Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Later on, Galaxy A50s users have also reported that the update has arrived in their smartphones under the version code BTB2.

More countries are expected to receive the update, and it will continue rolling out until April 2020.


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