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An Asteroid Is Coming Towards Earth Right Now – What We Know About 2019 SC

This asteroid is known as 2019 SC. It was first observed in the solar system back on the 6th of September. The asteroid trackers from NASA have stated that the asteroid is flying towards Earth on a Close Approach trajectory. The space rock is expected to get closer to Earth at about 7.37 pm BTS. At its narrowest point, it would be at almost the same distance as the Moon is from us.

We are talking about an Apollo-type of rock, which is very similar to the Asteroid 1862 Apollo. It is also cataloged as being aa Near-Earth Object. These are comets and asteroids that come close to our planet when they orbit the inner solar system.

ESA has estimated that there are around 20,800 known Near-Earth Objects in our system. Out of all of these, 877 have made it into the ESA’s NEO risk list.

These NEO can come closer to Earth

Let’s all be glad that SC is too small actually to be dangerous for our planet. The size of the rock is in the range of 8.9 m and 20 m. However, it can still slap us if it enters the atmosphere, and we are not aware of it. Let us remember the 20 m object which entered the atmosphere and hit Russia back in 2013. It exploded in mid-flight, and it has blown out many windows, which resulted in the injury of about 1000 people with shards of glass.

The asteroid is at a safe distance from us

As per the Center for Near-Earth Objects Studies from NASA, the asteroid will still give Earth a berth of about 0.00360 au. Keep in mind that one au can measure the distance between  Earth and Sun – that’s of 93 million miles.


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