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AMD Zen 3 Could Come With a Double Digit IPC Improvement

​AMD Zen 3 will sport a ponderous instruction per clock increase over its precursor, recently appeared speculations claim. The third generation of the Zen technology is thought to be quite similar to the Zen 2, aside from the shift to the new and enhanced N7+ process from TSMC.

Even so, speculations now imply that Zen 3 could be more impressive than previously thought. The rumor about Zen 3 was revived by Chiphell and user Zoo​. The claims remain unconfirmed at the moment, and it is very improbable AMD would even comment on this matter for a long, long time.

The rumor said that we should expect an IPC increase of 1x%, so we are probably going to get a double-digit improvement with Zen 3. An engineering sample is also rumored to be running at 100 – 200MHz faster than Zen 2, which is pretty impressive from a product closely to a year out from launch.

The frequency jolt probably stems from the enhancements TSMC, AMD’s foundry collaborator of choice for its high-performance silicon is capable of providing for its customers with the change from the N7 process node to N7+.

Zen 3 is expected to be in the final form of AMD’s AM4 socket, which has been a valued partner for Ryzen ever since its establishment in 2017. The company is rumored to be incorporating a new platform in the data center with its ‘Genoa’ processors. The client-side will probably follow along, as AMD’s backwards compatibility promise will no longer be valid.

RedGamingTech (via HotHardware)​ also suggests of having a source that provides vague information linked to that of Chiphell user Zoo. The claim adds that AMD’s IPC enhancement is at least bigger than 8% with Zen 3.

AMD has, however, announced that Zen 3 has completed the design process and is now finalized on the 7nm+ node from TSMC.


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