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AMD Ryzen 9 3950x Is Better Than Intel’s Core i9-10980xe with these features

There’s a new day, which means we have more leaked benchmarks. We again see the power of AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950X. we will compare it to Intel’s incoming Core i9-10980XE.

Let us take a look at the actual 3DMark scores given by the CPU leaker known as TUM_APISAK. We are looking at the AMD and Intel chips in 3DMark and Fire Strike, and the scores of the processor – the other results cannot be compared, because the benchmarked PC had different hardware components.

The one from Ryzen is better than Intel, which recorded 25,838 as a result. That’s 24% of winning for the  Ryzen processor, with both of the CPUs running at their stock clock speeds.

With the pre-release chips, we are not sure if the one from Intel is an earlier engineering sample, and the sub-test is not that important from a single benchmark anyway.

We need to keep in mind that the chips are very different: the Ryzen 9 3950X is a consumer, best of its kind, and the Core i9-10980XE is the flagship from Intel’s Cascade Lake-X high-end desktop processors.

They are built for different purposes. Intel’s Intel’s Cascade Lake-X is made for computing usage, and it comes with other performance benefits, like quad-channel memory and 48 PCIe lanes.

This just shows how the power of Ryzen consumer processors has become so popular, that it outdid the equivalent – when talking about cores and base clocks – of the present Threadripper.

Even if the 3rd generation Threadripper will hit the market soon, we know that’s where the battle is for Cascade Lake-X CPUs. By how things look, the decrease in prices, which we recently saw, Intel’s will have to fight for its product.


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