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Amazon Might Develop a Cloud Gaming Service Next Year

Recent news indicates a slightly intriguing turn a significant company might take next year. According to CNET, Amazon’s new plans could include an announcement to a release of a cloud gaming service. Amazon, supposedly, gets all the chances to start such an ambitious project because it possesses enough money to put the needed infrastructure in place. It also has Twitch, which supports the idea that developers might be interested in seeking more gaming-related attempts.

Amazon to compete with Google on cloud gaming

Moreover, Amazon could come as big as it wants because of its massive digital storefront that users know so-well and trust. Which could be, however, the issues Amazon might encounter? Well, firstly, we already have many next-gen consoles ready to be launch next year. How will a new arrival change something?

Google Stadia, for example, was launched earlier this week, and even if it met a few issues, its system might thrive, and it could become Amazon’s rival. Or if Google couldn’t see a way out and solves its problems, users might become against game streaming, somehow. It would be exciting to see which part will Amazon take and if their final decision could help it maintain its top position.

Amazon might launch a cloud gaming service in 2020

Amazon became one of the most recognizable American multinational technology companies since 1994. It all started in Bellevue, Washington, and set its goals around digital streaming, cloud computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Amazon succeeded to reach the highest position on the top of technology companies, next to Apple, Facebook, and Google.

From books to electronics, video games, software, apparel, toys, or food, Amazon surpassed many other retailers from the US by market capitalization. The company distributes downloads and streaming of music and video through its Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video. It also has a large number of products and services, such as Fire TV, Alexa, Kindle Store, Echo, and many more.


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