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AltStore Available for iOS users without a Jailbreak

After some years, iOS users may find the old app store from Apple boring or overrated. Therefore, they may be searching for alternatives for the primary source of downloading favorite content. AltStore seems like a right candidate, a store created by the developer Riley Testut. It’s an alternative to Apple’s App Store that distributes software Testut says may “push the boundaries of iOS.”. One of the things AltStore has to offer is a built-in Nintendo emulator called Delta.

AltStore doesn’t require a jailbreak

Not needing to jailbreak Testut’s AltStore comes in handy for most users, since not everybody knows how to go through such technically advanced process like jailbreaking. Typically, alternative apps for Apple’s App Store require users to jailbreak, assuring them some nasty headaches and cussing if they have never gone through such process before.

It looks like AltStore works by fooling your device into believing that you’re a developer sideloading test apps. The store uses an app on your computer to re-sign apps every several days, using WiFi synchronizing framework to reinstall them on your device before they expire. Apple wouldn’t allow installing such apps, but by using a free Apple ID you will be capable to break the barrier.

Can Apple ruin the plan?

Apparently, no. Apple could close accounts, but it’s enough for you to create another Apple ID to get back on track. You can run even ten apps using AltStore without Apple even knowing because the profiles are not managed by the company headquartered in Cupertino. iOS only looks for an excessive number of app provisioning profiles, not the number of apps you have installed.

AltStore is available in preview format, with a launch process which will happen on September 28th. People who support Riley Testut’s Patreon will also have the option to install almost any app, not just those in the store. Just remember that anyone can download AltStore.


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