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All PAX Events will Go Forward, Including PAX East, Despite Coronavirus Concerns

The company that is organizing PAX and other events in the gaming department, Reed Exhibitions, is stating that they will go on as they planned despite Coronavirus concerns. The company has a plan for all the events, and they will follow it unless other issues are appearing. So PAX East will take place next week in Boston, Massachusetts. However, some participants are pulling out from the event, in this case, the giant Sony.

PAX East and All Events Will Go On

For the next PAX event from next week, Sony has pulled off and canceled the world’s first public presentation about The Last of Us: Part II, because of the Coronavirus concerns. However, if Sony won’t participate, PAX East 2020 is going forward as planned, and the organizing company will take all necessary measures for cleaning and sanitization. All the recommendations given by the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy about disinfectants against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are available.

Moreover, Reed Exhibitions is saying that they have made the health and safety of the staff, exhibitors, and visitors their number one priority against COVID-19. Besides this, the company is urging all the participants and partners to take note of the World Health Organization’s suggestions and apply them for the safety of the public. Also, during the show and before, Reed Exhibitions is posting public health messages both on PAX East and on the other PAX events. On the following activities, the company will increase its efforts for hygiene and sanitation, as well as medical support.

Despite Coronavirus Concerns, PAX Will Come

Overall, PAX East and other PAX events will go on with the measurements of health and hygiene included, but this is not the case for all the significant events. For example, MWC from Barcelona is canceled because a substantial part of the companies and partners are pulling out from fear of the Coronavirus. Also, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) is going on as planned with the event from March and a strengthened measure against COVID-19.


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