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AirPods X Generation To Launch This Month, According To Latest Rumors

The Apple AirPods X Generation can soon hit the market, after the great success of AirPods Pro. We have heard rumors that the tech giant will come with these AirPods soon. We have also heard that the next model of AirPods will be made, especially for music and gaming fans. Here is all we know so far.

In the world of earbuds, AirPods series remains on the top, with high-end design, sound quality, and other noteworthy features. AirPods X Generation could be the next implementation in the renowned franchise.

All we know from leaks – Apple AirPods X Generation at Target

Some AirPods X Generation images have been shared on social media, claiming to be the new AirPods. One of the images shows a device called “Apple AirPods (X Generation).” The same name appears in the inventory list of Target. Employees of Target are talking about this – the products have come with Universal Product Code scanners.

What is the real name of the AirPods?

Jon Prosser has talked about the name. Apple will announce the final product as “AirPods X.” There are also some leaked concepts of the new model, showing an over-ear headphone. Because of the fact that AirPods X Generation appears in three different product listing, it suggests that there are three color variants.

When is the AirPods X Generation release date?

The release date for Apple AirPods X will soon be here, we believe, because of the inventory list, which shows that the products will be quickly shipped to the retailers. It has been said that Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 at its March event.

It will not be a surprise if the company releases these AirPods at the same event, in March, mainly because AirPods 2 was also launched in March 2019. The inventory list also shows the price, which is set at $399 for the Apple AirPods X Generation.

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