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AirPods Could be Included With 2020’s iPhones

Apple has had to double the production of its AirPods Pro​ due to increased demand, according to new reports. Separate news said that the AirPods are speculated to be under consideration to be included with future iPhones, which is a great thing for Apple’s smartphone users.

The report said that Apple asked supplier Luxshare Precision to manufacture a double amount of the wireless earbuds to two million units per month. This is the company’s attempt to meet the soaring demand for the high-quality earphones, as per Nikkei Asian Review.

Users of iPhone smartphones are making sure to register their purchase of the AirPods Pro mainly because of numerous positive reviews for the accessory. The Nikkei Asian Review report also said that the tech giant both Luxshare and Goertek, another Chinese producer, to grow the manufacturing of the regular AirPods at their facilities located in Vietnam, but the increased percent was unknown.

AirPods Included

Another report by DigiTimes said that Apple, in the midst of the continued fame of the regular wireless earbuds, is considering including the AirPods with the iPhones is going to release next year. Other smartphone brands, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, are reportedly considering including wireless earbuds for their new mobile phones scheduled to be released in 2020.

The report was widely considered with skepticism because of the usual starting price of $149 for the AirPods, which may be too expensive to be bundled as a free accessory without increasing the prices of 2020’s iPhones. 

Even so, there is still the possibility that Apple thinks it is time to bring another accessory in the place of the wired earphones that are included with its iPhones. Bundling AirPods may happen for 2020’s top-of-the-line models, but it will take a while until we hear from Apple commenting on the DigiTimes’ report.


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