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Adobe Flash Player Will Soon Be History – Why Should You Uninstall the App?

Adobe Flash Player is scheduled to reach its End-Of-Life by the end of this year. This is why the officials are currently trying to determine all their users to uninstall the program from their computers until the established date.

This decision has been announced with the help of an official proposal posted on Adobe’s page at the beginning of this month, which is approximately six months before the deadline. The plan of the company is not only to stop offering constant updates to Flash Player users but also to remove any existing links to download the application from their official website.

This alternative will surely avoid any usage of unmaintained versions of Flash Player, and, of course, no new users will access the platform. In addition to this, the officials have announced that the Flash-based material will no longer be present on Adobe Flash Player once the EOL (End-Of-Life) date has arrived. Therefore, the company may be planning on introducing a so-called “Time Bomb” in the application to prevent any existing user from running the application, starting with the 1st of January 2021.

This decision is part of the most aggressive attempts to block users from utilizing an application from all times. The main reason for this EOL campaign is that Adobe Flash Player has always been targeted by hackers or malware authors. What is even more interesting is that current users will be left with no protection against the viruses at all, since the company is not planning on offering any other alternative to their product.

The most desired scenario would be that the company manages to convince as many users as possible to uninstall Flash Player by the end of this year. Therefore, users are requested to uninstall Flash Player by closely following the instructions for Windows or Mac devices.

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