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A Super Mario 64​ Modded and Fully-Functional Playable Port for PC Surfaced

Nintendo‘s Super Mario 64 is one of the most popular and influential video games of all time. The 1996 classic is still played to this day by millions of people, in both original or modded and emulated versions.

Now, a new and fully-functional built-in 4K port of the game has been released for PC for the first time, created from the very beginning. This means that the title is now running smoothly, and has a default controller function and even supports extra modding.

The surprise release was depicted in a 12-minute-long YouTube video, posted by the user going under the name of ‘Unreal.’ Players have observed that the whole title, rather than single levels, was uploaded online over the weekend. However, you’ll have to know precisely where to look for it if you want to try it.

User Unreal noted with the YouTube video: “I can’t give a download link for obvious reasons, and DON’T ask a [sic] download link in the comments.”

That obvious reason – for those who do not know – is Nintendo’s pursuit of copyright infringement. Lately, the company has removed subscription services, indie creators, and even leisure activities that have made references to its intellectual property.

However, the idea of porting Super Mario 64 without the requirement to use an emulator is rather impressive. The footage itself in the released video is amazing and looks like a good dream, and not like what it actually looks on an N64.

As this version can be played in 4K and runs on new technology, it seems like an HD remake of the remarkable game. Nintendo is speculated to be developing an HD remake of Super Mario 64 at the moment, as well as of other 3D Mario titles, which makes this modded version a hint as to what the game could look like.

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