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A Powerful New Apple TV 4K is Allegedly Being Developed

A new leak seems to suggest that Apple TV 4K of 2017 is going to be replaced. The device was released back in September 2017, which in the niche’s terms is a lot of time. Now, new information complied with a bunch of developer betas for multiple Apple OS has implied that there is an upcoming Apple TV on the make.

The details were found within the Apple tvOS 13.4 beta version code. As per 9to5Mac, the code concerns an Apple TV 4K model T1125, with the ‘T’ allegedly suggesting a prototype model. The current device model number is J105a, and the standard Apple TV HD version’s code model number is J42d.

Definitely, the interesting part of all this, according to 9to5Mac, is that T1125 has been developed with the arm64e architecture in mind. This is the identical system the Apple A12 and A13 bionic chips are constructed upon, which are the same modules the iPhone X series and iPhone 11 series pack.

There are Not Many Details About the Apple TV 4K

For a bit of background, the current Apple TV 4K features the A10X Fusion chip, which is a faster alternative for the standard A10. Therefore, fans hope that the new Apple TV 4K will pack a similar module based on more developed technology, the A12X, or the A13X, and will be an outstandingly powerful device as a result. At the moment, only the A12X processor exists, and it is featured in the 11in iPad Pro.

As a result, it appears that the upcoming Apple TV 4K will be incredibly more powerful than its predecessor. However, the only detail known so far about this new device is that the maximum resolution will go up to 4K, and will have HDR support, but there is no word of 8K support as of yet.

The current Apple TV 4K does not support the more advanced HDR10+ standard; therefore, it cannot stream YouTube in 4K. In addition, Apple Arcade games are still expected to implement 4K resolutions as well.

There is no detail about the release date as of yet, but because an Apple Spring event is slowly approaching, we might learn some more about the forthcoming Apple TV 4K.

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