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A Novelty from Google Maps – You Can Now Manage Your Profile

When it comes to Google, we are used with its upgrades and novelties regarding its apps. So is the case now of Google Maps, the most known navigation app worldwide, that is sporting a lot of features besides navigation. Google Maps has transformed into a discovery app and even an app where a recommendation from users that posts on the platform. Through time, the company has introduced a lot of features, updates, and upgrades. The mobile app was the most targeted, and we can see that through the new permission of editing the public profile.

Google Maps Lets You Edit Your Profile

You navigate, you find places, businesses, reviews, transportation info, and many more on Maps. But now you can edit your public profile on the app and contribute more to the platform. Until this upgrade, the users could only check Local Guides’ point for the program they were in. But from now on, your public profile is available, and everyone can see it.

Besides this, if you check on your Maps app, on the side of the menu, you will find the Your Profile button. Go there and then you can edit your name, add or change the photo as you wish, and maybe add some text to your bio. You have more settings on your profile in which you can show or hide your contributions to Google Maps. The contribution you make means from leaving a review or even answering questions that other users are asking about places visited by you.

Finally, by hiding your contribution, the other users won’t see your profile, only the name under the place listings. Also, be patient because the Your Profile button is not available yet for all the users, and you will still have the old button for contribution. After the update is complete, everything will change in your interface, and the things will run smoothly. Don’t forget to update your Google Maps to the latest version, number 10.29.1.

Catherine Whitaker

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