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5G Network Might Replace Cable Internet

2020 is almost here, and the next year will bring us more and more in the future. The near future is bringing the 5G network worldwide through different forms, starting with the update of the next smartphones, tablets, and laptops. For that to be possible, the telecom providers will launch the 5G network at the beginning of the following year. The 5G is promising the sweetest dreams when it comes to speed, and it might replace cable Internet. The download and upload of different files should happen fast without a slow response time.

However, if things are moving in this direction, then we are wondering what will happen with the traditional cable Internet? Because 2020 is coming with a new technology called Fixed Wireless Access or FWA. This technology will provide 5G Internet, and you will have it in your home, without a cable. Practically, we will have a direct Wi-Fi network from the providers in the 5G network. The device will be under the form of a router or base station, and the signal will come from the provider’s antenna.

Will the 5G Network Replace Cable Internet?

Besides this, the question is, it is worth to have a 5G WI-Fi? If you need or wish for a fast speed when you download and upload files, folders, streaming online, and so on? Then, yes, the 5G network will answer your need with around 2.5GB per second in the download speed. Moreover, switching to 5G WI-Fi could be at least the perfect solution for the areas hard to reach. But, to respond to the first and vital question, we think that the 5G will not replace the traditional Cable Internet. This will not happen so soon, at least.

Even if the 5G network is wireless and can reach certain areas through the air, it can’t beat the new upgrades of the providers for the Cable Internet with speed of 1GB per second. Finally, the 5G can do better than 1GB per second, but having so many devices connected to one telecom tower can bring down that speed. The 5G network will come next year, and it will be brought by AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.


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