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2021 Ford Bronco Patent Leak Revealed Removable Doors System

Leaked 2021 Ford Bronco patent unveils removable doors system, and it appears that it will represent a better concept than Jeep’s current mechanism. The new Ford Bronco, however, is set to make its glorious appearance in 2021.

We don’t know very much about the ambitious project of Ford, but for sure it will compete with many rivals. Things such performance details are still a complete mystery, and we could only guess. Also, the possibility for its first appearance, uncamouflaged, it is hard to imagine. There is something about a particular feature; it will surely catch the attention of all SUV lovers.

The Ford company patent shows an innovative system for removing doors that could beat Jeep’s actual mechanism. From the patent, we can understand the manufacturer’s idea of letting us manage the car whatever we want. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gives us a full description of how things should work.

2021 Ford Bronco patent explained how removable doors system works

We must move the latch to the unlocked mode, then bring the door off from the rest of the body. Nothing hard it seems and very simple, too. Also, to be sure that it doesn’t become loose, Ford offers a bunch of locks and fail-safes that will secure us. The main line of the patent explains us: “This disclosure generally relates to a latch that can block a door of a vehicle from being removed when the vehicle is not in an upright position.”

Further, according to unveiled pictures, a small bar links the latching system to the door. This thing means that when the bar is dragged down, the latch is loosed from the door, which can then be brought off at the joints. The electrical wiring that powers the locks and windows is the other linking that must be removed.

Returning to Ford Branco’s first mode is very simple. You can quickly put the door back on the joints and re-engaging the latch. Then you bring closer all the electrical linkings that must be connected. It remains unknown if 2021 Ford Branco receives a removable and foldable windshield like its opponent, Jeep Wrangler.


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