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2020 iPhone will be Available with 5G

5G is shaping up to become a big trend across the world, even if the number of areas where the new standard is would is quite small at this point. Many fans hoped that Apple would offer a 5G-capable iPhone in 2019 but that was not the case as the company may wish to wait until the standard spreads to more area.

Select analysts have stated that a 5G iPhone model will be released in 2020, and the added feature should boost the number of sold units by up to 5 million, a form which is quite impressive.

The latest rumors related to the device are also quite interesting. It is thought that Apple plans to revamp the look of the future range by taking inspiration the iPhone 4, which is deemed to be the best looking iPhone by many fans and reviewers.

The iconic notch will be dropped and replaced with an advanced in-display camera which is can. By installing the camera beneath the display Apple will offer an edge to edge display without the need to rely on the popular mechanical camera sliders which are used by many smartphone manufacturers.

Apple may not be the first company which releases a device with an in-display camera as Xiaomi and Oppo have been hard at work on their own implementation of the technology. The former has also released a teaser video which compares the display of two smartphones, one with a notch and the other one sporting an in-display sensor. The front cameras are able to capture images which are identical, proving that the new technology is quite efficient and there will be no issues when it comes to image quality or brightness.

A smaller group of fans also hopes that Apple will revamp the rear camera bump, which is far from being stylish according to them. It is expected that the first renders will appear in the following months.


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