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​Red Dead Online Offers Numerous Rewards and Discounts This Week Only

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer action-adventure game created and published by Rockstar Games as the online counterpart of the popular Red Dead Redemption 2, now rewards players for participating in its events.

Whether fighting other players in order to get your hands on the Golden Armor in Fool’s Gold, striving to catch the most in Fishing Challenges, or taking control in King of the Castle and Railroad Baron, playing Free Roam Events in the acclaimed Red Dead Online will give you 50 percent Bonuses on XP, RDO$, and Gold.

Moreover, completing any Free Roam Event before April 20th will reward you with a Coupon for 50 percent off any Coat with a rank gate lower than 15. All players who get on Red Dead Online during the weekend, April 17th to April 20th, will reportedly get a Reward for a free Ability Card to enhance their skills. The rewards will be sent to the Benefits section within 48 hours of playing the game.

Returning Limited-Time Clothing

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has a collection of clothing items that will make an appearance for a limited time, until April 27th. There are some incredibly great items on the list, including the Plaid Cap, the Folwell Hat, and Gardenia Hat.

When it comes to coats and jackets, you can get the Macbay Jacket or the Clymene Coat, and the Cardozo Vest. Other items include the Carver Pants, the Griffith Chaps, and the Pelt Half Chaps.

Featured Series and Discounts

Players get to return to the prison island for the week’s Featured Series. The latest random weapon variation of the Last Stand transports you back to the starting point in the game, the borders of Sisika Penitentiary.

Red Dead Online also offers a number of discounts this week in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. These also include discounts on Shotguns and Melee Weapons, as well as deals on Horses, and so on. Here is the complete list of discounts.

  • 30 percent off all Shotguns
  • 30 percent off all Bandoliers
  • 30 percent off all Multi-class Horses
  • 70 percent off all Emotes
  • 50 percent off all Melee weapons
  • 80 percent off all Ability Cards

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